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TEZEX will begin as a central counter in which institutional users purchase, swap, and liquidate their Tezos-based stable-coins (including USDtz). Access is currently limited to institutional purchasers of USD Tez.

Over time, TEZEX will list more and more Tezos-based stable-coins, each pegged to a the values of different currencies, respectively.

Effectively, this also means that TEZEX will be eventually able to facilitate a Tezos on-chain representation of FOREX global currency trading, only better.

In FOREX trading, the numerical accuracy of a peg is of critical importance — a fraction of a penny difference can mean the difference between profit and loss. 

Unlike traditional FOREX trading platforms, TEZEX runs on Tezos-blockchain, and can thus organically leverage the formal verification capabilities of the Tezos protocol to enable greater arithmatic accuracy of pegs and trades, and therefore greater profitability for FOREX traders.


>$6 trillion is traded daily on the Foreign Exchange markets, aka "FOREX"

85% of FOREX trades are between 7 pairings (aka 'the majors') utilizing 8 currencies

A Multi-quadrillion dollar value that will ultimately transition to on-chain—Tezos-based trading


Providing Tezos-based liquidity for exchanges and other institutiional traders.

TEZEX is set to launch in 2020.

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